Website performance analyzer

We all know that Google likes a fast website. But what makes a fast website, and what are the slow parts of your website? We can help you with some great insights!
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How you benefit from our performance analyzer

Key benefits from monitoring your website performance with UptimeMate
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Interactive Charts

Find specific details with our interactive charts. Take a closer look at your numbers and see trends in historical data.

Google Pagespeed insights

Gather Google Pagespeed insights right from your dashboard. We store your mobile and desktop page speed score daily for you.

Resources insights

Know how much images, fonts, scripts, and stylesheets your website uses. See how these resources impact your website performance.

All the tools in one package

UptimeMate gives you all the tools you need for your website health in one package. No need for many different tools.

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  1. Stop losing money and customers due downtime and poor performance
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