Uptime Monitoring

We are one of the best monitoring solutions in the market. We have a distributed infrastructure which offers high availability for all the data in a private way. We monitor ourselves also with our solution.
Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring benefits

Instead of doing a single check with confirmation we constantly monitor your service from multiple locations. This gives you lots of insights about locations but also how the connection performs from different angles.
Screenshot of showing uptime results

Be the first to know

We let you know when something breaks. We check your website every minute if you wish. Receive notifications via Slack or Email.

Historical data

Gain insights with our historical data. Always have access to the last 30 days. See how you website is performing from many locations world wide.

Prevent false positives

We check your website from a minimum of three locations worldwide. You only receive a notification when more than 50% of our monitors detect an issue with your website. You can check to a maximum of five locations.

20+ locations

We have monitoring locations all over the world. We are proud to say that we have multiple monitors in every continent in the world.

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