All the website monitoring features you need

UptimeMate gives you all the website monitoring features you need as a website owner. Availability checks, multiple test locations, notifications, performance analyzer and much more!
Save time with automated 404 error scanning

404 error detection

When a link or image is broken, we will notify you directly.
Discover broken links and images »
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Build for teams

Build for teams and individuals, you can even invite your favorite freelancer.
Invite your team or external contact »
Schedule - Image with several checks and wireframes

Maintenance Schedule

Schedule your planned downtime during your server or website maintenance.
Schedule your next maintenance interval »
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Mixed Content

We are looking for mixed content on your website.
Find mixed content on your site »
Testing locations all around the world

Multiple test locations

More than 20 locations spread around the globe.
Explore our 20 monitoring locations »
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Send notifications via Slack and Email.
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Site performance analyzer

Valuable insights about your loading speed.
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SSL checks - Image with several checks and wireframes

SSL Certificate Checks

No more expiring or broken certificates
Check your SSL certificate »
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Website Availability Checks

Is your website still working as expected?
Know when your website is offline »