Why we decided to stop tracking you

We believe that a good product will sell itself eventually
Frank Spin

Written by: Frank Spin

Co-Founder - Design & Development

No more tracking illustration

I wanted to write that this was one of the hardest decisions I every made for our company. But if I am being honest? It was the easiest and the best one so far. Let me tell you what we decided.

Today we stop:

  1. Using Google Analytics to track you on our website
  2. Using tracking pixels to target you on social media
  3. Using tracking links in our emails to study your behavior
  4. Using a chat box on our website to convince you buying our product
  5. Using marketing email campaigns to send you annoying messages
  6. Using advertising and remarketing to remind you about our product

Today we start:

  1. Shifting all our focus on making the product better.
  2. Writing excellent quality content that really helps you.
  3. Being are more open company, sharing progress, revenue, mistakes, and expectations.

Why you ask?

Because we do not like to be tracked, receiving marketing emails and get annoying chat notifications to lure you in buying a product. So why force something on our potential customers what we find ourselves annoying?

Will it hurt sales?

We do not know, and we do not really care if I am being honest. We are here for the long game, not gaining a quick profit. We believe that a useful product will sell itself eventually.


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