Automated 404 error scanning for your websites

Broken links and images are bad for your visitors and SEO ranking. Tracking errors on your website is a time-consuming activity. With UptimeMate, this is a thing of the past.
Save time with automated 404 error scanning

Better error tracking in less time through automated scanning

UptimeMate will automatically start scanning your website for broken links and images. We send you a weekly report with all details needed to fix the broken links we found on your website. Save valuable time and prevent SEO penalties with this automated error scanning feature.
Screenshot of 404 error results found with UptimeMate

Why you need automated 404 error scanning for your website

Following up on 404 errors is a time-consuming activity. With UptimeMate you drastically reduce time spent finding broken links and images.
Stop accentently linking to pages on the internet that doesn’t exist. And prevent SEO panalities for pages that include references to broken links and images.
When visitors hit a broken page on your website, there is a highly likely chance that they don’t botter continue browsing your website or e-commerce store.
Via an online reporting page, you can easily follow the status and progress of fixing the 404 errors on your websites.
Screenshot with 404 error notification settings

The Key Benefits

Key benefits from automated 404 error scanning with UptimeMate
Screenshot of showing health results

You are in control

Don’t rely on others to find broken links on your website. You and your team are in control of your on website results.

Send weekly reports automatically

Our software will automatically send a report ever week with the health status of your website. Never forget about broken links again.

Invite your team

UptimeMate gives you the option to invite your team members. Send broken links reports directly to your developers or marketing department.

All the tools in one package

UptimeMate gives you all the tools you need for your website health in one package. No need for many different tools.

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